Sabrina, Operation Manager

Met Victor during a chanced meeting and although I did not officially engaged his services, he was very helpful in matters which was of concern to me. He gave readings on my life and offered great advice on how to improve complex situations which I encountered.

He even advise the fengshui for my home and so far, I can say many aspects of it have greatly improved. I would recommend Victor’s services to anyone as he genuinely wants to help be it his clients or friends and I think that’s something you don’t often get from most commercialized masters.

Cindy Lee. Banker

Master Victor is a highly talented Feng Shui Master. He has followed me on my house-hunting expeditions on more than one occasion; in fact, I chose to buy my first home under his advice!

He is patient and explains Feng Shui to me in a way that is easy to understand. He is also honest and does not recommend that I buy expensive and unnecessary items. I will not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family.

Joyce Ho. Flight Stewardess

I am Joyce Ho, and would like to express my heartful gratitude and endless Thank you to my one and only Master Victor.

He guided me through my life’s darkest moment, always helping me and my family. We are forever grateful to Master Victor.

My husband and me,and family will only consult Master Victor for our wedding day and the whole process from cleansing of our new bto flat ,auspicious date to start the renovation ,feng shui etc.

Master Victor is always so helpful and We are very fortunate to have him to always guide us in our life .

Master Victor, Thank you very much!


Joyce Ho

Kenny, Business Manager

Master Victor recently visited my office to look at the Feng Shui, and after giving his professional advice on the arrangement of its space, the environment has become much more lively. Business has greatly improved due to a more harmonious environment. Thank you, Master Victor!

Christine Chee, Secretary

I am glad to have engaged Master Victor Tan to audit our house. He is thorough in his assessments and gave us valuable advice. He is one Master who does not ask you to enact major changes in your house, nor is there any indication of purchasing irrelevant or expensive items. Everything from relationships to wealth seem to have improved since we have moved into our new residence. We feel good coming home everyday.

All in all, Master Victor has created a good Feng Shui-based home for us to live in.

W.K. Leong, Lawyer

Master Tan is very patient and dedicated. He spent many hours and leaving no stones unturned to provide the best available fengshui solution to all my needs.

Min Chan, Lawyer

Victor has been incredibly helpful since our first meeting.  I have found his fengshui advice to be accessible, relevant and in touch with reality. In the design of our new home (with style being a key concern of ours), he understands how to give elegant solutions that may be out of sight, yet not any less effective. His personable demeanour and willingness to teach also makes him an easy friend.  I’m so thankful for my friend’s recommendation!

Yvette Chua, Business Owner

Victor provides good and substantial advices which helped boost the positive energy in our cafe. He’s very practical, without any pretence or exaggeration.

He would go the extra mile to help. I appreciated his guidance every step of the way, especially after I made the changes in the establishment.

Jackal Lee, Bank Manager

Got to know Master Victor through my friend for my Ba zi reading. He is patient enough to explain how Ba zi works and how i should enhance it. He gave helpful advice and accurate readings. Most importantly, I can see my luck improving.

He follow up closely with his customer, definitely,  an extra mile services and I appreciate the effort and the advice from him.

Elaine Lee, HR Manager

It has never cross our mind to have our destiny to be read as my hubby being an Eurasian, was pretty skeptical. We got to meet Master Victor by chance and this very one meeting changes our perception of destiny reading.

Master Victor is really patient and explained in details to us as there are many terms we do not understand. He guided us through the not so favorable periods of the year and also give very good and specific advices.

We really appreciate Master Victor for his dedication and professionalism. He is also very generous in his sharing and we have full faith to go to him for advices.

Wan Wen, Bank Officer

Thanks to Master Victor, I’ve bought a new place that I will look forward to when it’s ready. During the house hunting expedition, he has provided me with many valuable advices. He is dedicated and patient, and will fork out his time to make an effort to join me to check out show flats and the apartments.

Nicole Tay, Building Consultant

Quick Feng shui audit in less than an hour. Able to locate the critical house location that answer to the agenda of the audit. A responsible, humble and soft spoken master unlike many masters outside who are pushy for sale and loud with attitude

Karen Chia, Flight Stewardess

Master Tan is professional and dedicated to helping people enhance their good luck. He has helped me progress in my career and results have been favourable.

I have learnt a lot from him and now I understand better the basis of Fengshui and its relation to our daily life.

I have recommended him to friends and family who have also sung praises about his expertise.

Much respect and gratitude to Master Tan