Pregnancy is a beautiful process where all parents are looking forward to the arrival of their new born. These nine months can be both enjoying as well as challenging. In Chinese tradition, there are many dos and don’ts which pregnant mother should take into consideration so as to have a blessed baby. Let us briefly go through the pregnancy care tips below.


Pregnancy care tips #1: Avoid Marriage Events.

Pregnant mothers are discouraged from attending someone else wedding so as not to get near to wedding couples or interact with any wedding related matters such as wedding cars, wedding couple’s new house, wedding couple new bed, etc. This is classified as “喜冲喜” where “auspicious clash auspicious” become inauspicious.




Pregnancy care tips #2: Avoid close contact or interaction with another pregnant mother.

Pregnant mothers should not share the same bed together or share same seats. Traditionally, it is believed that this can cause a transfer of foetus energy like during the first three months, couple A should be having as baby boy into their life while couple B should have a baby girl entering theirs. If both mother have close contact, then mother A might discover she will conceive a baby girl and mother B in turn carry a baby boy. In addition, in the past, mother in law will usually prevent their daughter in law to use any items or clothing from any female friends that have miscarriage before to avoid inauspicious luck carry along. Likewise, those mothers that given birth quite often, their belonging are considered valuable.




Pregnancy care tips #3: Avoid Funeral Wake.

Funeral events are inauspicious to pregnant mother as negative energy surrounding it can cause stress to the foetus. It is said that seeing coffins, corpse, funeral procession, burial undertaking will cause bad luck to both mother and foetus.





Pregnancy care tips #4: Avoid carry heavy items, move bed or moving house.

This can cause miscarriage in some cases. Scientifically, if pregnant mother carry heavy items which exert strength from lower part of the body which may add stress upon the womb that could cause bleeding.




Pregnancy care tips #5: Avoid putting up picture or poster of ferocious animals.

If the painting was already there before the pregnancy is fine to leave it there. If after pregnancy was announced and the house owner wish to include a ferocious animal painting upon the wall is not advised. In addition, hammering a nail onto the wall is another inauspicious act to the pregnancy.



Pregnancy care tips #6: Avoid contact with sharp metal like scissor and knife.

If there isn’t a need, pregnant mother should avoid going into kitchen to prepare food and cook as there will be interaction with knife and chopping. Sharp metal object have strong negative energy that can cause accident or bad luck to the mother to be.



Pregnancy care tips #7: Avoid going to someone else delivery room.

There was a saying that once there were two pregnant mothers in a room and mother A ( not due yet )say to the Mother B as Mother B is being push into delivery room that “let give birth together”, by saying so, Mother B suddenly experience a very difficult and complication labour process.



Pregnancy care tips #7: Avoid Prayers to deities or temples.

In traditional Chinese practices, pregnant mothers should stay away from offering prayers to deities or any event related to offering as these might “offend” the deities. It is said that if building a temple or placing a deity and should a pregnant lady is around, the power and blessing of the temple is lost.









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8 July 2017

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