Sending off and receiving Deities

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Auspicious day for sending off Deity for 2016 (送神日)

In Chinese culture, we believe that there are various deities among us who recorded our merits as well as our wrongdoings. Once a year, these deities will return to heaven to report our actions for the past year to the heavenly emperor who will decide our auspiciousness or inauspiciousness in the coming year. Therefore, in the past, the masses would like to show their appreciation to these deity so that a good assessment will be reported as well as they can receive bumper rewards in the next year. They will pray with offering, wines and tea to these deities for their bon voyage.

Date : 21/Jan/2017 ( Saturday) 7am to 9am.


Auspicious day to welcome back Deity for 2017 (迎神日)

It is believed that Lunar First Month 4th day is the return of these
deities from heaven to continue their task of watching the people
good and evil deeds. The usual practice is to receive their arrival in the evening after 4pm. Every household practice will make offering and burn various gold paper and silver paper to welcome the deities’ return and pray that they continue to protect and bless their homes.

Date : 31/Jan/2017 (Tuesday) 5pm to 7pm.








Master Victor Tan
Purple Dragon King 紫龙王

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